Manufacturing & Technology


Stainless steel & Brass stamping

We insist to use the best quality of Stainless steel/Brass plates with automatic stamping machines to produce our products efficiently.

Stainless steel and brass plates can also be customized to meet local regulations and specifications. 


Production starts using tested raw materials to guarantee product quality. 

The ingot of materials(i.g brass, etc.) can be customized to meet the different requirements. 

CNC Threading

To produce efficiently and accurately,  we use automatic CNC threading machines to guarantee our quality.


We produce high quality customized tubes with integration of professional skills and specialized and automatic tube bending machine.
We are engaged in providing our esteemed customers a stainless steel tube bending service. 


To achieve efficient production at the lowest cost, it is necessary to have fully automatic material supply system with automatic robot die casting machines. 


Automatic soldering machines offer a safe and efficient working environment.


Professional and experienced technology offer finish treatments for the details of the product range.


Reliable electroplating lines of automation provides stable processes of products.

PVD & Lacquering

Electrostatic lacquer coating line and the most advanced PVD equipment are used for plating on the products in a variety of finishes with copper, zinc, nickel, chromium and plastic, etc.